Essential Reading for Virtual Classroom Training

by Darlene Christopher on September 8, 2014

dropshadow1I recently finished writing my book, The Successful Virtual Classroom, and in the course of researching the book I drew upon many resources. Below are some of the books I recommend if you are interested in learning more about virtual classroom training, or building skills in a specific area.

Presentation Skills: If you want to learn more about connecting with a virtual audience effectively, structuring your message and sharpening your virtual presentation skills try these books:

Slide Design: Creating compelling slides to support virtual classroom instruction is a must. Here are some books I like on creating slides. These books are not specific to  virtual classroom training, but the concepts and ideas offered translate nicely to the virtual classroom.

Overall Virtual Classroom Design and Development: Finally, a few books that cover all aspects of virtual classroom design and development.

This list is by no means exhaustive. I’d be curious to know what other books you recommend. Happy reading!




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