Ten Slides to Organize Your Virtual Learning

by Darlene Christopher on October 1, 2015

I am excited to be a contributing author to the new book, 101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyo101 Ways to Make Training Activend the Classroom. The book includes activities for social learning, mLearning, blended learning, virtual classroom learning, learning on a team, mentoring, peer-to-peer coaching, informal learning, and learning beyond the workplace.

Here’s an example of a tip list from the book, adapted from The Successful Virtual Classroom

Ten Slides to Organize Your Virtual Learning

When you deliver training in a virtual classroom, it helps to add slides to communicate clearly with participants. Key slides include the following:

  1. Facilitator Slide: Photos, names, titles, and locations of the facilitation team.
  2. Participant Slide: Photos, names, titles, and locations of participants.
  3. Interactive Features Slide: Instructions on how to interact using the features of the virtual classroom (e.g., chat, raise hand, whiteboard tools) with a screen shot of each feature.
  4. Audio Slide: Description of how audio works (one-way or two-way audio, how teleconference works, etc.).
  5. Agenda Slide: Show the order and timing of topics and break times. Insert this slide between sections throughout your training as you conclude a topic and start a new one.
  6. Materials Slide: If you sent materials to participants prior to the session, show a photo of the materials and describe what materials participants need and how they will be used. For example show an image of the participant workbook, then describe what the participants should do next.
  7. Exercise Instructions Slide: For each exercise, create a slide with clear instructions describing the exercise, how long it will last, which interactive features will be used, and any materials needed to complete the exercise.
  8. Transition Slide: Slide that signals the transition to a new topic, new activity or new facilitator.
  9. Break Slide: Slide indicating that the class is on a break and what time the break ends.
  10. Concluding Slide: Slide indicating that the class has concluded. Include your contact information or website here, if appropriate.




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