15 Tips on Webinar Content, Facilitation and Logistics

by Darlene Christopher on August 23, 2016

light bulbsAt the Learning Technology Design Conference in Arlington, VA, I had the opportunity to present a session on, Webinar Mastery: Five Keys to Success, to a knowledgeable audience, many of whom design and develop webinars for professional associations headquartered in the DC area. At the end of my presentation I asked this savvy group to share their webinar tips. Read on for first-rate ideas on content, interaction and facilitation techniques and logistics.


  1. Use bold imagery that ties to your key point to make an instant connection. Try to find images that are action-oriented to solicit a reaction such as a laugh, a shock, etc.—Layla
  2. Use a simple and consistent transition in your slides and slide builds (animations) in your bullet points. This will keep your audience’s attention and won’t upstage your message. – Mark
  3. Volunteer to take care of the slides for your subject matter experts (SME) and tell them to focus on talking points. This is faster than training the SME in slide design. – Angelyn

Interaction and Facilitation techniques

4. All interactions don’t have to be in the webinar. You can ask participants to write down ideas on paper. You can’t see or track it, but it can still support learning. — Celisa

5. When delivering content, remember the power of a story. People may not remember much of the “data” you deliver, but they will remember a story. — Kevin

6. Prepare a few questions in advance. If no one in the audience asks a question, have a friend in the audience ask one of the prepared questions. Typically the first question asked will inspire others to ask questions. – Michelle

7. Use this mantra before a webinar: remain calm – everything will be fine. – Tahlia

8. Scan the chat for opportunities to further develop the conversation with participants and help you ask your next question – Tiffany

9. Don’t try to be too fancy! Too many tools/features can be distracting. Master of couple of engagement methods instead of trying to use them all. – Kelly

10. Ask the audience to stand up and stretch for 5-10 seconds halfway through your session. – Habib

11. Tell presenters to put stuffed animals or pictures of their family and friends by their computer and to “speak” to them during the presentation. – Shari


12. Print a copy of the presentation for the speaker, producer and host. That way if the speaker loses his/her internet connection and audio is still working, the speaker can continue and say “next slide please” and the presentation can continue smoothly. – Olivia

13. Use a headset for good audio quality. – Laura and Ben

14. Develop an opening video for your webinar where you explain the platform and other introductory information. – Zane

15. Send an email reminder of how to connect and how to test your connection on the day of the webinar – Marcie

What webinar/virtual classroom tips do you have to share?



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