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Online Facilitator Fitness

February 24, 2012

I’m training for the Knoxville Marathon which means working out has become part of my weekly routine.  It sounds strange, but as I’ve been training for the marathon, I’ve noticed some similarities with preparing for online facilitation and it got me thinking about a regimen for online facilitator fitness.  Be 100% prepared for the day […]

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Producing a Large Scale Webinar

March 26, 2011

Over the last two months I had the opportunity to work with ASTD to produce four large scale webinars that were part of the TechKnowledge 2011 Virtual Conference.  Each webinar featured a presenter who had presented a session at the actual conference, and then delivered a similar session via WebEx to a virtual audience.  Since […]

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Recipe for Success in a Web Conference

November 1, 2010

What does it take to put together a successful web conference where participants and facilitators exchange valuable knowledge, are energized and hungry for more? Whether you are using web conferencing to deliver training, hold a meeting, host a knowledge sharing session or other event, there are three ingredients to consider for a successful event: One […]

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Importance of a Second Computer

December 16, 2008

In two webinars over the last two weeks I heard the main speaker asking the technical person/producer of the event which slide was showing on the screen because the main speaker couldn’t tell what he was seeing versus what his audience was seeing. This situtation is easily remedied by having the lead speaker log into […]

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First (Virtual) Impressions

October 22, 2008

We’ve all heard the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This seemed liked an appropriate topic my first blog entry on web conferencing. I have a passion for web conferencing and how to design and deliver first-rate sessions. Elliot Masie recently posted an article about the Reflections on the […]

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