PREP Model for Web Conferencing: PLANNING

Over the next few days, I’ll look at each of the four steps of the PREP (Planning, Rehearsal, Evaluation and Post Mortem) model for web conferencing. Step one is the planning you do to prepare for a web conference.

Five areas are listed in the planning stage, beginning with task of learning the platform. I’ve seen this happen before where the only preparation step taken was to learn the platform. Obviously you need to become familiar with the web conferencing platform and this is an important first step, however there are a few other tasks to consider. You’ll also need to adjust your content and exercises to work properly in a web conferencing environment. Once you’ve finalized your materials, create a facilitator script that describes what is happening in terms of interactivity on each slide. Finally, you’ll need to select your facilitation team which generally consists of a lead (the subject matter expert) and the producer (the web conferencing expert).